Solutions Start Here, an educational website for Carbon Capture and Storage was discontinued in the fall of 2014, the content from the website can now be found in the Carbon Capture and Storage section of Alberta Energy’s website, you will automatically be redirected there.

Alberta's CCS Projects

Global Leadership in the Fight Against Climate Change

In July 2008, the Government of Alberta took an unprecedented step in committing $2 billion to fund large-scale CCS projects. Two projects are moving forward to help reduce the CO2 emissions from oil sands refining: 

These projects will reduce Alberta's GHG emissions by 2.76 million tonnes annually beginning by 2016. That's the equivalent of taking 550,000 Alberta vehicles off the road.

Alberta's investment in CCS will also help make carbon capture and storage technologies more accessible.  Technical information and lessons learned from the projects will be shared publicly, meaning that future CCS projects from around the world will benefit from the lessons learned here in Alberta.