Regulatory Framework Assessment

To ensure CCS projects are designed and operated in a safe and responsible way, the Government of Alberta has reviewed its existing regulations through the Regulatory Framework Assessment. As part of this process that began in early 2011, CCS experts from Alberta and around the world examined in detail the technical, environmental and safety and monitoring requirements that apply at every stage of a CCS project.

The purpose of the review was to create a world-class regulatory system, based on international best practices, which will ensure CCS technology is used safely in Alberta. The new regulatory system will be place well before any of Alberta’s large-scale CCS projects begin operating.

The assessment was led by a multi-disciplinary steering committee, and supported by an international panel of experts and several working groups.

To ensure that the working groups had the information they needed to make recommendations for Alberta’s regulatory environment for CCS, a number of documents were prepared on the technical aspects of CCS: 

Each document contains a disclaimer, terms of use and conditions of use.

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