Tips for choosing an electrician

Tips for choosing an electrician

I just want to give you a little bit of helpful advice when it comes to choosing an electrician. We’re working with electricians all the time so whether it be for a switchboard upgrade or a meter a seal or generally just upgrading any sort of cabling works that we need to be working with them all the time.

Over the years the industry has changed and they’ve adapted to the new ways that we’ve got now with electricity retailers and there’s some changes and some little sneaky things that you may not know about.

Some charges that are associated to upgrading of any works that you might want to get done in your place so whether it’s first which would upgrade or a tenancy subdivision any metering that your alterations that you would like to get done. Whatever it may be there is a cost of Toronto Wiring’s works of having them get a contractor in to get the work done for you that will get charged through your electricity provider as well. Whether a developer subdividing a property or if you just look into subdivide and rent out some of your home or office space whatever it may be.

Here are some tips on selecting your electrician.

Making your home energy efficient is not difficult, let me share some money-saving tips.

Turn off all lights televisions appliances fans computers and other electrical equipment when not in use. Installing a power strip where there are many different devices plugged in and one location makes energy saving sense.

Did you know that three prong plugs draw energy even if the appliance is not on a ceiling fan can save up to forty percent on your cooling costs?

Ceiling fans cool the room by creating a wind chill effect for example if you have a room at 85 degrees the fan would make the room for like 78 degrees. But remember turn off the fans when you’re not in the room

A fan that runs all the time costs up to seven dollars per month. Installing more energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs is perhaps the easiest and most cost-effective tip. These bulbs are more expensive but the truth of the matter is you will see a decrease in your energy bill within the first month of use.

When you compare the overall savings fluorescent bulbs just make sense programmable thermostats can save up to thirty three percent on your annual heating & cooling costs.

Low in your water heater thermostat from 130 to 120 degrees help save up to sixteen dollars per month for a family of four.

I told you that was easy now you can start saving money on your energy costs today remember the switch is on to ELQ

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